Our Ashram is located in Vadodara, India, in the lush and fertile countryside of Gujarat and is easily accessible (half an hour) from the next international airport. The Ashram is a modest and quiet place that provides a highly charged spiritual atmosphere which makes it ideal for personal transformation.

There is nothing quite like an opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Guru Bhaneshwaranand. Personal contact with an enlightened Guru can bring priceless blessings and just being in the vicinity of a liberated being can positively transform life profoundly and forever.

All participants are given individual instructions in Meditation and Mantra in a way relevant to their personal growth and healing process.


Life on earth is made of five basic substances, namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space (also called Ether). Human form is sustainer by all five of these elements.

However, there also exists a realm beyond the physical world where a special kind of beings – lofty and beautiful – exists. These beings can be of tremendous help to us humans under the right circumstances. Depending on the culture we live in, these beings have been given different names such as deities, angels, light beings, seraphim and others. These magic and benevolent beings exist outside the physical form that we humans are familiar with. Unlike us, they are made out of only three substances, namely Air, Fire and Ether.

Last but not least, there is a third kind of consciousness that exists, which is only made of one element, Ether (or Space). This consciousness is called “Source,” the supreme and all-encompassing consciousness we often call God.

In order to employ the help of these lofty beings, an enlightened master is needed. By transcending the boundaries of the physical, he can connect to and employ the three elemental light beings to create a bridge between the human realm and the realm of Source, thereby causing the beneficiary of the ceremony to be showered with cosmic blessings and wish-fulfillment. The ceremony always directly benefits the person (and their family) on whose behalf it is being performed.

A master like Guru Bhaneshwaranand has the ability to perform these sacred ceremonies for different areas of a person’s life. For those who want or need specific assistance during their stay, there will be an opportunity to have an additional ceremony performed by Guru Bhaneshwaranand.

For a comprehensive list of available rituals please download this pdf file:


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