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Part 1: Introduction Evening

The two hour introduction evening will give you a chance to get to know Guru Bhaneshwaranand. He will speak about what it means to find peace within, and why peace in the world is dependent on our inner peace. 


Part 2: Yoga (Free for Everyone)

Gurudham Yoga is slow, focuses on the breath and works with the sunlight to help us absorb more of it. We will do a particular sequence of asanas which supports the path within. These exercises are soft and don’t cause any physical exertion. No previous knowledge of yoga is necessary.


Part 3: Meditation and Q&A

You will be sitting with the master for an hour of mediation. You will be taught a mantra which connects you with your own inner source energy.  At the same time the master will start healing the seventh body of all that are present. The seventh body is an energetic conduit, which is responsible for all our emotional afflictions. This is followed by a Q&A session.


Part 4: Fire Ritual and Shaktipat

Following an ancient tantric technology we will be offering grains to the fire as to positively alter your life situation. Guru Bhaneshawarnanand will directly access source energy through the ritual to assist you on your journey to inner peace. After you have the opportunity to receive an energy transfer. An enlightened tantric master is comparable with a bottomless vessel for spiritual energy. A virtually infinite stream of energy can be transferred through him into the seeker.