The Guru

Gurudev Bhaneshwaranand (or Guruji, as he is often lovingly called) has been driven to pursue spirituality by a deep inner desire from a very early age in his life.

Always seeking and advancing, he took initiation for enlightenment at the early age of thirteen. Through the complete mastery of his spiritual path, he was able to reach enlightenment by age forty. Over the next fifteen years, he moved through all of the spiritual stages that a human being can possibly achieve, even leaving behind the stage of being Guru for Gurus of Gurus. Having reached liberation last year (also called Nirvana), Guruji has therefore achieved the highest spiritual level a human being can reach while still existing in a physical body.

Before leaving this world, his own Guru instructed him to serve humanity and help whoever comes to him for help. His perspective on the workings of the universe, his insight into the depths of the human experience and the tremendous light he draws from the beyond of the beyond make Guruji not only one of the most brilliant thinkers of our time, but also one of the most advanced healers and spiritual teachers on the planet.

Guruji has already changed and improved the lives of thousands of people and he continues to bring miracles, healing, hope and happiness into peoples’ lives wherever he sets foot.

Having reached liberation, Guruji has made it his mission to bring peace to the planet. He sees this as a very real possibility and is utilizing his energy to move our world towards this goal.


Trushna has been a disciple of Guruji for more than 15 years and reached enlightenment five years back. Right now she is in the process of attaining liberation. She is leading and managing the Ashram and takes care of all daily matters in the Ashram to make sure that all our guests are happy, comfortable and well taken care of.

Being an amazing chef, she much enjoys to feed all our guests with delicious, vegetarian food that she usually prepares by herself from scratch.


Florian is taking care of the program during the retreat. He is there to ensure your safe passage, he will join you during the day trips and he will be with you in the Ashram during the entire time you are in India to ensure you are getting the most out of your next level journey. He has been Guruji’s disciple for close to two years and is working towards attaining enlightenment. He will be available for all your questions and concerns you might have before, during and after the retreat.


Following a family tradition, Vijay is the man for all technical needs in the Ashram. Vijay’s father has already served the Ashram and has handed the torch to his son. Vijay is the one who will be picking you up and driving you from the airport. He is responsible for anything technical in the Ashram. His simple nature and his loving smile will win you over the moment you meet him.