What is Initiation?

What is Initiation?

A much talked about concept in spirituality we are shining light on the phenomenon of spiritual initiation. Join Guru Bhaneshwaranand this week as he explains in detail the intricacies of an initiation. Learn how it works, the power it has and find out if it is for you or not.

12:30 – Adding the seed of source energy

13:08 – Who can get initiated

14:30 – Kinds of initiations

17:50 – Do I need to go to India to get it done?

18:20 – What to expect out of initiation

27:38 – Sankalpa

29:32 – Initiation as a seed

32:20 – Doubts

40:30 – Speak your mind with your guru

58:05 – Removal & protection

01:00:05 – Burning the seventh body

01:01:25 – Steps of Initiation

01:04:45 – Checklist for choosing guru

01:07:10 – Checklist for choosing disciple

01:13:20 – Is there an equivalent to initiation

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